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Animal that is very sociable, lives in packs but also lives in solitude and is individual. 
Similar to humans.
Wolfs changed into dogs and became our allies,
they were also a threat and fear to humans unconnected from their power. 


One wolf goes first and finds a path - then show it to others. 

Some of us just have to go first. Into the unknown. 

And WOLF T-SHIRT is here to help you get the strenght to do that. 

To protect yourself and your pack when you are attacked. 

Stand strong alone and / but together. 

So there will be time to play again.

Love Wear is illustrated clothing brand that is created with intent and focus to help you radiate your true essence and authenticity.
This wearable art will empower you and support your connection to Yourself, Earth and the Universe.
Each piece holds different intentions, frequencies, codes and archetypal content to help you invoke this qualities in yourself.

Love Wear is created as unique, custom-made  pieces or in small limited edition series from as environmentally friendly materials and techniques as possible.
It is changing the way we perceieve clothing adding the new layer of content and intention into it.
And offering alternative to the contemporary culture of fast copy paste soulless unsustainable fashion hyper production.

Digital print with
water based inks
after original
watercolor painting 
on organic interlock
100% cotton material

Created by Ana Baraga

I am Ljubljana based visionary artist, lightworker, starseed, woman, mother of 2 toddler boys, divorced, self employed. 
My purpouse is to inspire you and expand your awarness trough my work and being.
I love Earth, water, trees, dance, animals, spirituality, personal growth, magic, exploring human consciousness, searching for truth.
On a journey toward becoming best version of myself, healing, diving deep, sometimes just running away from my shadows and eating chocolate. :) Healing perfectionism and learning to accept my humanness. 

Teja Blatnik 


Ana Baraga
Zala Peršin 
Tjaša Jamnikar 
Matej Počervina 
Brin in Svit

Sewed by
Žana Boltin

Material & print
Cotton Bee
© 2021 Ana Baraga. All rights reserved.